Google Search Web Part

by Vita Janecek (Kentico)
Google Search Web Part preview




Works with:
4.0, 4.1, 5.0, 5.5, 5.5R2


Integrates Google Search into your Web site.


This Web part allows you to integrate Google Search and use it for search your web site content, as well as Internet content.

Click here to learn how to import this Web part to your Kentico CMS web site

Once installed, this Web part is available in the Google Services category. You can find documentation in the Web Part Properties dialog by clicking the Documentation link in the upper right corner.


Vita Janecek commented on

Hi rbaccaro,

I've just tested it with iframe and I don't see any trouble here. Could you be more descriptive please so that I can find an issue?

Best regards,
Vita Janecek

rbaccaro commented on

The app is not working on iframe. There is any customization to control the forms or something?

Vita Janecek commented on

Hey Kai!

Displaying Google search results on another page is pretty simple task. You have two ways how to achive this:

1) You will use "Smart search box" webpart for input. You can place it for example on your root page as it is used on Corporate site. Then you set this webpart's property "Search results page URL" to point to your page where you want to have Google search results displayed (e.g. ~/SpecialPages/Search.aspx). Finally you place "Google search" webpart on your target page (e.g. /SpecialPages/Search). Now you input your query on one page and get Google results on another page.

2) Second approach is even more simple: you just check property "Results into new window" in web part "Google search" and results will be displayed in new window as regular Google search results.

That is it - simple, isn't it?

Best regards,
Vita Janecek

Kai commented on

Hi Vita Janecek,

I installed google search web part.

I meet the difficulty during I us this web part.

I want view search result in another page.

For Example, it is search page.

Is it possible?

I wait your helpful advice :)

Vita Janecek commented on

Hi Tim,

Installation of this webpart is working for me - so it seems that download is not corrupt. You might want to try to download it again, though.

I'm not sure what do you exactly mean by 'webpart import wizard' but you need to go to Site Manager -> Sites -> Import site or objects.

Here are few links that might be helpful:

Best regards,
Vita Janecek

Tim commented on

There seems to be an issue installing this webpart. Everytime I attempt to install it through the Kentico webpart import wizard I get the following error message just after clicking next on Step 1.

"Error during temporary files creation. Original exception: Access to the path 'c:\...\...\KenticoCMS\CMSSiteUtils\Import\' is denied."

I assumed this to be a server side permissions issue. However, I have been able to install the other webparts on the Kentico Marketplace with no issues at all.

Is the download corrupt? Do I need to set permissions somewhere else on the site that the other webparts don't use? Is there a way to install this manually?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Windows XP
Kentico CMS V4.0