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shubhnath-clavax - 8/2/2013 7:37:35 AM
Creating wish list page & linking to products details
Hi ,
Actually I want to implement Wish list products means in products list page every product follow wish list button after click this wish list button entry are goes to wish list with products linking so please any one suggest how to development I will start please suggest ,
Product 1 wish list button(after click)
Product 2 wish list button(after click)
Product 3 wish list button(after click)

After click wish list button records are save on wish list page

Wish list page

Product 1(with link) after click goes to products details

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Kentico MVP
Kentico MVP
Brenden Kehren - 8/2/2013 12:46:40 PM
RE:Creating wish list page & linking to products details
I haven't worked much with the e-commerce side yet but conceptually this could be a webpart or custom control added to a webpart or transformation.

Think about what you'd need to complete this:

- table to hold the sku, userid and maybe a date? Might be more to it than just that but for simplicity sake...
- a way to write some data to that table based on user input, which is where the webpart/custom control comes into play.
- there would be a sku property and you'd simply get the current logged in user and update that custom wish list table.
- you could add some handling to not show the wishlist option to not authenticated users

Hope that gets you going in the right direction...

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Kentico Support
Kentico Support
kentico_jurajo - 8/4/2013 1:40:05 AM
RE:Creating wish list page & linking to products details

I am not sure what I am missing here but why the default wishlist web parts do not work for you? I would recommend to import the sample E-commerce site to see how it is done.

But the basica idea is to add the wishlist web part to appropriate page templates - the products listing and/or also the product detail page and that's it.

Best regards,
Juraj Ondrus