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tag2453 - 8/8/2007 5:48:01 PM
Node ID changes??
We created a page with several links to other pages in the site. We used the HTML Editor's Linking dialog to create the links which resulted in links similar to:

This has worked fine for months but now all of a sudden that document's node id is different. It is now:

What could possibly change a document's node id once it has been created?

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Mufasa - 1/24/2008 12:11:25 AM
RE:Node ID changes??
In theory, nothing. (Although I'm not a Kentico developer--just another user--so don't take that as gospel.)

Are you sure no one deleted and re-created the page?

I usually create links myself using the document's Alias anyway. "~/About-Us" etc. (That example assumes you have followed the steps to remove the aspx extenstion as defined in the installation and configuration manual.)