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Member - 10/15/2013 9:37:53 AM
multi language urls

I am upgrading a website built in v4 to v7.

The website uses 3 languages: english (default), polish and german. The default url loads the english version, /pl loads the polish and /de loads the german

I have followed to add in 2 aliases for the 2 languages and have ticked the 'force domain culture' option in the urls and seo settings page but when I try to go to /de I just get a blank page (which is returning as a 404).

Is there something else I need to do?

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Kentico Support
Kentico Support
kentico_filipl - 10/20/2013 8:49:38 AM
RE:multi language urls
Hi Chris,

Actually you cannot enable Force domain culture setting if you want to use language prefixes for your site as it is stated in Developer's Guide:

Note: You cannot use language prefixes if the Force domain culture setting is enabled.

Could you try to disable it and see if it affects the behaviour in any way?

Best regards,
Filip Ligac