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c.average-gmail - 2/5/2014 11:02:38 AM
Attachments Last Modified Date
So I am trying to display a last modified date of each attachment on a document. I have the attachments displaying through a "Document Attachment" web-part and everything works fine. I have the name displaying, and it seems that I'm able to get every other column from the attachment table for each document type.

However, when I put in "Eval("AttachmentLastModified")" it returns nothing. Nothing shows up at all. It's really frustrating, because that seems to be the only field that I can't get to show up.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Also we know for a fact that the field in the database is not empty.

Thanks in advance.

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Kentico Consulting
Kentico Consulting
Kentico_RichardS - 2/7/2014 2:24:30 AM
RE:Attachments Last Modified Date

Thank you for your message.

I have just now tried using Document Attachment webparts and in transformation used:
<%# Eval("AttachmentLastModified") %> 

And it did show the date as intented. Can you try to get the AttachmentID and then find this attachment in CMS_Attachment table in your database and see what values are stored for this attachment? What version of Kentico are you using? However this kind of functionality should not be touched by any of the hotfix as this is quite basic.

Are you able to provide any more relevant information to this issue?

Kind regards,
Richard Sustek