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Jon White - 2/4/2014 9:58:19 AM
Combining forms and paypal 'buy now'/'pay now'
Hi there,

I need to set up an event registration that requires payment.

I can set up a form - easy within kentico
I can set up a paypal button - with payment amounts/options - easy.

Is there a way to combine them somehow?

Ideally i need to capture details using a form and the user selects which payment amount (i.e. meal, accomodation cost etc..) and this gets sent to paypal (to checkout and pay) when the user presses 'submit', so some way of editing the code and adding these paypal fields to the form maybe, is this possible?

Thank you in advance

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Kentico MVP
Kentico MVP
Brenden Kehren - 2/4/2014 1:42:01 PM
RE:Combining forms and paypal 'buy now'/'pay now'
You could simply direct them to another page after form submission, then add the PayPal button webpart I created and set the values in the webpart for them to go to PayPal to pay. Your redirect to new page could contain some URL parameters which could dynamically set your webpart properties as well.