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dcollins-marketwired - 2/3/2014 12:42:15 PM
MySite name and pathing to CSS/images
Starting to build our new intranet in earnest now. Ran the new site wizard and am now adding fixed content to my site's HomePage master page. I have configured my global MWI-Global.CSS stylesheet using the Site Manager > CSS Stylesheets configurator, so I am seeing some correctly-styled textual content. Good so far.

1] My header contains an image - the logo. It is not an element like a div that can be styled with CSS - it's the src="", so I need to apply the path directly in the master page template.

I have read this
which seems apply directly to my problem, yet I do not understand how it helps me.

This is the path to my CSS (as grabbed from Firebug):
What does that tell me about the path to my file? I'm looking in inetpub/KenticoCMS7, where I find a folder called App_Themes/MW-IGlobal/, but it is empty. I'm experimenting with dropping my images into that MW-IGlobal folder, then relative-pathing to them from the stylesheet (which, I would think, would be no path at all, i.e. simply ./myfile.jpg). So far, no joy.

2] When created, my site was called MySite by default, which shows up in various places including the <title> tag. (Note that it is not called MySite in Site Manager. I named it Marketwired Intranet.) I cannot find anywhere to change MySite.

In the master page, the <head> tag is not editable.

I wonder if I am using the master page template correctly. If I put everything in the master page template, then for what page would I implement that template? Because that would be the page that needs a custom title tag.

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dcollins-marketwired - 2/3/2014 1:15:40 PM
RE:MySite name and pathing to CSS/images
(Managed to waylay the local Kentico expert. Got my answers).

1] Internal practices here do not use Kentico for image management or stylesheet management. They create a root-level folder with the project name in the file system, put images and stylesheets in there, then reference them absolutely within Kentico layouts.

So, directly in the file system:

Then, in my master page header:
<link href="/MW/styles/global.css" rel="stylesheet" type='text/css'>

And finally, in my master page body:
<img src="/MW/images/logo.png" alt="Logo" />

This way, stylesheets and static images can be accessed and updated directly and conveniently for developers.

2] Site Manager > Settings > Site: Marketwired Intranet > Content > Metadata > Page title prefix

Well, thanks for listening!