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Anth12 - 11/18/2013 9:18:59 AM
Export ui
More of a suggestion than a bug, when exporting data in the CMSDesk to excel, csv, xml using the small drop down (select document > properties > URLs > export Document aliases) it does not hide once the focus has been lost or repeatedly clicked.

This isn't a huge issue but a little annoying if rather than the pencil of the first item the export button is inadvertently clicked, the page has to be reloaded to get rid of the drop down preventing access to editing the first table item.

Version: 6.0.59 (SP1)
Browser: Chrome
OS: Win 7


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Kentico Customer Success
Kentico Customer Success
kentico_martind2 - 11/29/2013 9:59:55 AM
RE:Export ui
Hello Anthony,

I'm not sure what exactly do you have on your mind, could you please send us a screencast of your issue?

You can record the screencast at www.kentico.com/Support by clicking on the "Record a screencast of your issue" button.

Best regards,
Martin Danko