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JeremyThake - 2/17/2006 2:45:46 AM
Database enhancements
I've been looking into the Functions.cs file where various times it is called on a page to get things like the header etc. It hits the database quite a few times just to get the <HEAD> information. Are there any plans to start to enhance performance of these areas of Kentico?

Are you going to keep with the inline SQL or do you think you may move to stored procedures and caching objects to enhance performance of the CMS calls using the current queries.config file?

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admin - 2/21/2006 4:32:09 PM
Re: Database enhancements
Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your message. You're right that there are typically several queries when you request a page. If you want to avoid it, you need to set the following web.config parameters to enable the caching:
<add key="CMSCacheMinutes" value="10"/>
<add key="CMSCachePageInfoMinutes" value="10"/>

We currently do not plan to move queries to stored procedures since the most often used query "selectbypath" is assembled at run-time so that it can be parametrized. Moving the other queries to stored procedures wouldn't lead to a significant performance gain.

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