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kpatton - 8/18/2005 9:09:52 AM
any document to be menu item
OK, this i think is a biggy in architectural terms, but here goes.

I think that it would be beneficial of the 'menu item' aspects of a document where thought of as an attribute of a document rather than a special type of document.

Why? Because i want to place documents like products, articles, clietns directly in the tree, and classify them as menu items, together with the page template used to render them and whether they appear in the navigation, site map etc.

This way, you don't have to add a Page (Menu Item) and then add a special documetn underneath which is then 'used' by the containing page to render it's content. This is not ideal as there are 2 content entities going through workflow, when really, the user only needs one.

This problem i believe led to the concept of editable regions, but although that feature saves a lot of time for unstructured content, it doesn't affect when you want to display hierarhical structued documents.

So, i am suggesting getting rid of the the cms.menuitem and allowing all documents to be menu items. This would do away with the concept of editable regions, and instead allow users to simply add documents to the tree.

A page template (and other properties) would be specified for any document that wanted to be a menu item.

Any documents in the tree which have been marked as menu items (whatever their type) could get a special little symbol or colour so you could clearly see which documents were participating in the site structure.

Furthermore, allowing all documetns the right to be a menu item means that ordering and display of tree menus becomes less restrictive, where currently to retain order you really can only use Page (Menu Item) document types.

I have to say i love Kentico, and hope to see this suggestion taken forward, although i can see it might be a fairly big change.

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admin - 8/18/2005 11:12:19 AM
Re: any document to be menu item
Hi Keith,

Thank you for your message. Actually, we are considering this for version 2.0 as well, but we need to explore the impact on other functionality and on the user interface.

If you need to display articles as menu items, you can do that even with the current version - you may need to set the SelectNodesClassNames property of the menu control to the list of document types, you want to display - e.g. "cms.menuitem;cms.article".

Best Regards,

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kpatton - 8/18/2005 11:55:03 PM
Re: any document to be menu item
Hi Petr,

Yes, i'm aware of that one. It does mess up the ordering though. Also, you still need to have the custom document underneath a page (menu item) so that it can be processed.

Here are more succint suggestions....

1. All documents can be menu items. All documents should have order attribute as well as content scheduling as editable global attributes.

2. If a document is marked as a menu item, it should have an associated page template (.aspx file), and have title, keywords, description, show in site map, hide in navigation, hide from search (new!) options as well as it's custom document attributes for editing as necessary.

3. A document which is a menu item should be displayed with a special marker in the UI so users can easily see which items in the tree are rendered in menus.

4. A document can be a menu item only. This equates to the 'old' Page (Menu Item) concept where no editable regions or other content is required. Also a document can be marked as javascript men item or url redirect.

5. A document not marked as a menu item is stored within the tree for storage or processing by other menu item documents.

Hope this helps,


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kpatton - 8/18/2005 11:58:56 PM
Re: any document to be menu item
And lastly (for now!), this all means that we can more usefully use the 'Allowable Child Templates' for a custom document type.

When using the page (menu item) the allowable child templates are global for that type. Becuase use of the page (menu item) is so universal, you end up giving the user the ability to select any document type that is in any page (menu item) on the site, not ideal.

Rather, it would be best to use say a client document marked as a menu item which has only folders, or other client documents as allowable child templates.