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Greg - 1/23/2014 3:22:55 AM
Multiple results form submission / search

I struggle with following case which I would like to develop using Kentico. I think it may be interesting for other people as well:

Job candidates search result lists e.g. five candidates ID and location. User can choose by selecting checkbox which profile he wants to preview. He chooses three of five profiles and clicks "Preview profiles" in order to expand them.

First problem: The correct behaviour is to display selected profiles preview boxes. How to achieve it? How to submit form data and grab appropriate record from DB/Document type based on multiple values given.

Second problem: Assuming I was able to display my three candidate profiles. Within each profile there is a textbox to fill (date of interview) and checkbox (I confirm interest in this profile). On the bottom there is a Submit button.

Assuming I checked two profiles (out of three) and filled interview date - once pressed Submit - I want system creates two new records in a custom table and insert these information (Profile ID, Interview date) for each Candidate selected. How to achieve it?


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Kentico Consulting
Kentico Consulting
Kentico_RichardS - 1/23/2014 3:58:01 AM
RE:Multiple results form submission / search
Hi Greg,

Thank you for your message.

In order to accomplish exactly what you need you would need to create a lot of custom code since your request is quite specific.

Firstly you need to display your candidates and show them in inside a form ( http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_forms.asp ). In form you will have checkboxes which would represent each of candidates ID. On the other page, the one where the form is posted you would loop through the checkboxes and for checked ones you would perform your action with displaying the another list of candidates along with the textboxes. You might want to create your own aspx pages in which you would handle the post requests. ( http://devnet.kentico.com/docs/devguide/creating_a_new_aspx_page_template.htm ). You can however develop your own webpart to do the same. And for submiting the textboxes it goes the same. The saving itself will be easy using our API. You can save values inside Custom tables easily as per -> http://devnet.kentico.com/docs/devguide/custom_tables_api_examples_managing_custom_table_data.htm

This will not be an easy task and you might need to play with it for a while. What you described is more of a general ASPX web development so you might want to consider hiring someone to do so or refer to our Consulting session where we can help you directly with creating the code.

Kind regards,
Richard Sustek