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jack - 1/10/2014 11:41:25 PM
Api-workflow for published and unpublished document
hi, i have problem with workflow
after inserting document using workflow ... document is in edit step and by default in table ispublished column get 0 value but while rendering(binding) the page document come with ispublish=true...while in table its false...so document is visible in the page...it doesn't go for the approval step
My workflow steps is
2.approved(role-admin can approve document)
can any body help me to resolve this issue????

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Kentico Consulting
Kentico Consulting
Kentico_RichardS - 1/13/2014 7:03:03 AM
RE:Api-workflow for published and unpublished document

Thank you for your message.

Im not exactly sure how it works by your description. However - are you using the following API to create your document? http://devnet.kentico.com/docs/devguide/workflow_basics_api_examples_sample_structure.htm

If not, how are you creating your document? In CMS Desk -> Content -> your document -> Properties -> what is the published status right after you create such document? What step is it initially in?

Thank you for more information.

Kind regards,
Richard Sustek