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thomas.wat-vizztech - 11/3/2010 5:42:10 AM
Upgrade from 2.1d to 5.x
Hi All,

I would like to upgrade my existing kentico website from 2.1d ( Full license, Enterprise version) to latest version. Beside upgrading the patch one by one, is there a better way to do it? Because the website raise error message after patching to 3.x version.

And do I need buy a new license or upgrade from current license?

Thanks alot.


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Kentico Support
Kentico Support
kentico_radekm - 11/4/2010 9:31:19 AM
RE:Upgrade from 2.1d to 5.x

Unfortunately, there is not faster procedure than perform all 10 (to 5.0) or 11 (to 5.5) upgrade steps. This is why we recommend to upgrade every time when a new version is released - to avoid this situation.

Anyway, all upgrade packages are tested and when following instructions, there should be no problem. Could you please describe issue you have after upgrade to version 3.x (what is this "x?" 0 or 1 or 1a?), so we can try to find out what´s the problem? Thank you.

Best Regards,
Radek Macalik