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Member - 3/15/2007 10:25:23 PM
Changing the page description
I have renamed pages (menu items) by changing the name on the form tab, document name. I have also went to the properties tab and changed the menu caption. Changing the name on the form tab seems to be 'better' because it also updates the tree view and the breadcrumb. Is this an 'ok' way to change the name of the page, or am I going to have trouble on down the road?

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Kentico Product Management
Kentico Product Management
kentico_karolj - 5/14/2007 1:59:51 PM
RE:Changing the page description

You do it right way. There shouldn't be problems in the future. Please note you don't need change "Menu Caption", changes in form tab rename page.

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Karol Jarkovsky