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aaron.brosey-gyro - 9/26/2011 11:23:36 AM
Best practice for structuring content

I was hoping to get some feedback for best practices and options surrounding this development scenario. We have a site that will have content which is location specific. For instance say there are 10 store locations in the country. The content for most of the pages on the site will be specific to the store location they selected when they entered the site. Fo instance, the landing page will force the user to select a location. Then the homepage will be specific to that location with hours, address, etc.

I am wondering if the best approach would be to use a custom table for these locations with relevant info? Or maybe just have separate content for each? But the content needs to be loaded based on the location which has been selected.

Has anyone accomplished anything similar within Kentico? Any recommendations for a good approach would be greatly appreciated.


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Kentico Developer
Kentico Developer
kentico_ivanat - 9/27/2011 3:59:01 AM
RE:Best practice for structuring content

the preferred information about location should be stored in a user's profile or the selection is based on selected value of drop down list on a landing page?

After the location selection should the user be redirected to appropriate page? Does it mean that only store information (address, hours) is different the rest of site is the same?

The solution I think about is to create Stores folder and under it 10 documents based on your custom Store document type.

Now to display the correct one on a Home page you could do a simple trick.

On a Home page (or other document where Store details should be displayed dynamically) insert for example a repeater web part. It will display information about store. To this page will the user be redirected after he made a selection in a drop down list (you can create a simple redirection web part). For example if he selects London he will be redirected to

Using wildcards you can create a query parameter from the London part of URL. Then you can use it in the Where condition of a repeater web part to select only this one Store.

I hope the description makes sense.

Best regards,
Ivana Tomanickova