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Ian Muir - 9/1/2011 9:53:20 PM
Title Not Showing
I'm having an issue with v5.5.3996 R2

The title tag is empty for most pages. I have the Page title format set to the default {%prefix%} - {%pagetitle_orelse_name%}, I have a prefix set for the site and I have a title set in the properties of the document, but the title tag is empty.

Any ideas what could be causing it?

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kentico_michal - 9/2/2011 3:41:19 AM
RE:Title Not Showing

Could you please also check what value is stored in CMS_SettingsKey table for record with 'KeyName' = 'CMSPageTitlePrefix' and 'SiteID' = 'ID of site you have set prefix for' and also for 'KeyName' = 'CMSPageTitleFormat'?

Could you please also try to restart application to clear the cache and avoid some caching issue [Site manager -> Administration -> System]?

Best regards,
Michal Legen