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steffanwoodhead-hotmail - 5/13/2011 3:35:50 PM
Calendar and CSS problems
Hi, I have just changed the look of my school website. Nothing fancy, just changed the background colour and a few images for the menus etc.
Everything was fine apart from my events calendar.
The original image files are stored on the server, but the new ones were stored in the database for convenience - I don't know if that makes a difference.

I have spent hours trying to figure out what I have done. Can anybody help?

I have made a copy of the page to illustrate the problem. Links below

Original (working)

New (not working)

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Kentico Developer
Kentico Developer
kentico_ivanat - 5/16/2011 3:34:34 AM
RE:Calendar and CSS problems

Since Event calendar is based on standard ASP.NET calendar, you can take advantage of skins. Appropriate skin file is located in: '~\App_Themes\folder_with_the_same_name_as_your_main_css_stylesheet\'. You'll see that there is definition of calendar with skinID EventCalendar, which is also referenced in properties of the Event calendar webpart. This way you can then change calendar's attributes and CSS classes. You can refer to them in your CSS stylesheet afterwards. Furthermore, Firebug and HTML source code inspecting will be helpful for you.

Best regards,
Ivana Tomanickova