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chesshouse-gmail - 7/24/2009 9:26:17 AM
CSS Problem
I have a problem designing the home page. I have put a editable text field in the left zone of the home page.

Now i want to apply css to it but i can not do it.

I changed the main css file of the site and placed the div tags in the upper and lower end of editable text field by viewing it in html.

Please guide me how can i make a css change.


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Kentico Developer
Kentico Developer
kentico_ondrejv - 7/27/2009 6:34:11 AM
RE:CSS Problem

Basically you can set CSS classes by content before/after properties of current webpart:

Or you can add HTML code to the layout of current page:

Then you can refer to your CSS styles.

Best Regards
Ondrej Vasil