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wwillemyns-telenet - 5/8/2009 4:07:18 AM
CSS theming
Hi support ppl,

I'm started testing the KENTICO CMS for free. Things are going well and it looks like this could be the CMS I am looking for to purchase one day. As a designer it really fits me!

But, I'm having problems with theming my first test site.

I have placed my javascript files into the folder:

And my stylesheets into:

I did not add include code on the masterpage to add the stylesheets but it looks like Kentico exports them when I'm testing my site. This somehow does not happen with the js files so I have to add them manually to the masterpage using eg:
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="App_Themes/<styleSheetCodeName>/scripts/jquery-1.2.6.js"></script>

I'm totally confused! Either kentico loads both the javascript and stylesheet files or none of them :/

Can't I just add the javscript files manually to the masterpage and use @import on the main css style which my site is using like eg:
@import url("../App_Themes/<styleSheetCodeName>/styles/reset.css");
@import url("../App_Themes/<styleSheetCodeName>/styles/layout.css");

Cause now Kentico automatically imports my stylesheets in a wrong way like this:
<link href="App_Themes/<styleSheetCodeName>/styles/layout.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />
<link href="App_Themes/<styleSheetCodeName>/styles/reset.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />

As you can see the reset.css comes after the layout.css which isn't correct. Maybe this has something to do with the CreatedDate of the files?

It would be great if I could get a little explanation on how I could structure and import my files correctly. I hope this get's clear soon cause I really like the CMS and hope one day I can use it in a professional way.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Kentico Developer
Kentico Developer
kentico_helenag - 5/13/2009 6:06:27 AM
RE:CSS theming
We write with Wouter via e-mail – the answer for other visitor is:

I would recommend you to register a CSS Stylesheet into the CMSSiteManager and inside it you could declare the @import url statement.

Please see here: for more information.

Regards the export:
I would recommend you to leave the stylesheet in the current folder: /App_Themes/<styleSheetCodeName>

and the JavaScipt files place in:
/<site code name>

Please see here: for more information about folder structure and export/import.

Best regards,
Helena Grulichova