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tommy-rollingpixel - 9/23/2009 8:47:40 AM
Custom Login
Hello, i am new to Kentico, im hoping the answer to this question is very easy and i am being stupid.

i am trying to implement a custom login box, instead of having a link to a login page, i would like the login box to sit in the zoneTop area of my template, therefore being present on all pages, therefore i want the login box to have the login form for a non-logged in user, then once logged in the area will then feature the username and logout button.

can anyone point me in the right direction?



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Kentico Developer
Kentico Developer
kentico_helenag - 9/25/2009 7:18:20 AM
RE:Custom Login
Hello Tommy,

you could use our out-of-box web parts:

1. Logon mini form
2. Current user
3. Sign out button
(all of them are part of Membership web part category)

You may need to make these two configuration tasks:

1. Set up the Current user web part:
Show only when authenticated: true

2. Configure Logon mini form:
Display to roles: select Not authenticated users role

Best regards,
Helena Grulichova