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rvanoord-allmail - 5/12/2011 4:13:17 AM
Intranett dokument search

Just wondering if the new intranett document / webDAV module has support for search so that the content of Word, Excel and PDF documents can be searched?

If so, is this restricted to SQL Search, or can the SmartSearch engine also be used to search documents.


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Kentico Consulting
Kentico Consulting
kentico_borisp - 5/13/2011 5:58:49 AM
RE:Intranett dokument search

Regrettably, currently isn't this feature supported. However, in the 6.0 version will be functionality added, which will enable you to create an indexer for any document you like. However, searching PDF files is possible as described in our documentation.

Best regards,
Boris Pocatko