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dmco - 1/11/2010 5:37:13 PM
Method 'GetSearchDocument' in type 'CMS.TreeEngine.TreeNode' no implementation
Hi there

I have a fairly urgent problem

Recently my Kentico solution has stopped compiling, complaining of the following error.

Error 1 Method 'GetSearchDocument' in type 'CMS.TreeEngine.TreeNode' from assembly 'CMS.TreeEngine, Version=4.1.3639.31409, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=834b12a258f213f9' does not have an implementation. C:\work\BMNZ\trunk\BMNZ.Web\KenticoCMS\CMSAdminControls\Attachments\DocumentAttachments\DocumentAttachmentsList.ascx 17

I'm not sure what caused this or how to fix it.
Could someone shed any light on this?
Thanks in advance

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dmco - 1/11/2010 5:57:09 PM
RE:Method 'GetSearchDocument' in type 'CMS.TreeEngine.TreeNode' no implementation
Never mind, after much hair pulling I just realised that somehow we'd lost the reference to Lucene.Net.dll