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j.wientjes-itelligence - 6/21/2013 9:19:26 AM
getattachment url forces login page on opening in new window
In an intranet site with AD-authentication there is a documenttype with a file field.
In the transformation I use the GetFileUrl("publicationFile") function, which translates the file link to something like http://intratest/getattachment/4ec2655f-3c90-4e4b-b945-9bae6c621309/NOTULEN-OV-2012-12-20.aspx

This works fine when the link is opened in its own window, but when I click on the link with the ctrl key or set the target to _blank a login screen is showed.

That is strange because the site is in Windows authentication instead of forms-authentication.

In the web.config there are a lot of 'location path' allow, also with 'getattachment' as path.

What is happening here?

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Kentico Support
Kentico Support
kentico_zdenekc - 7/1/2013 2:32:15 AM
RE:getattachment url forces login page on opening in new window

The link you got is an attachment link (with the GUID identifier) - so the GetFile.aspx script can easily serve the attachment data.
Do you see that behavior in all browsers or is the behavior different across the common ones (FF, IE, Chrome...)?
Has this worked fine before, or is it the first time you tried it (or set it up)? Have you applied the latest hotfix as it's possible it might be related to some formerly discovered bug(s)?
The thing is, as you're posting to 4.x forum and the 4.x versions are no longer supported, I would recommend to upgrade or try the same setup in fresh new version (7.0 preferably) installation.