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eagleag - 6/23/2010 5:32:56 AM
organizing data and custom seach setup
organizing data and custom seach setup -

We are trying to develop a real estate site:

3 elements necessary:
Admin can add/edit/delete new states cities and neighborhoods within cmsdesk
Admin can add/edit/delete properties (with many details - eg, description, photos, etc... ) under a neighborhood within cmsdesk
Search properties on the site - by state, city and neighborhood - dropdowns are dynamic and only show the data based on the previous dropdown selected (cascading dropdowns). If the previous dropdown is not selected then the dropdown is inactive

http://www.dexus.com/ - good example

What is the best way to proceed, custom tables, site tree (folders), document types...


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Kentico Support
Kentico Support
kentico_jurajo - 6/24/2010 2:21:30 AM
RE:organizing data and custom seach setup

For managing new states and cities you can use e.g. custom tables and then display the values for custom document types using custom form controls which will pull data from the custom tables.
For the search filter and cascading drop downs you will need to develop custom web part which will have desired functionality andthen this web part will pass the filter values to the search which will perform the search according to entered criteria.

If you are looking for more complex and detailed proposal, you can use our consulting services where you will get examples and best practices from our consultant how to develop this kind of web site (project).

Best regards,
Juraj Ondrus