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jserra-mig - 7/22/2011 8:50:33 AM
Kentico Project Completion Help
Good morning! We began our website redesign, using Kentico, and have gotten more than halfway through. However, we seem to have hit a wall and think it's time to bring in a Kentico-savvy developer. Please see details below and let me know if you think you can help!!

Who we are looking for:
A developer trained on the Kentico system who can help us complete the process of installing templates and web parts for our project. The developer we seek will need to use our completed design files and coded HTML prototype. We began the process of creating templates within Kentico, but have since concluded that a Kentico professional would be more suited to quickly and efficiently complete this phase of the project. To give a bit of background on the project, we began the Kentico phase using online tutorials using the Portal Engine but quickly discovered we were in a bit over our heads. Some web part customization may be needed. More details below.

Completed tasks/materials for this project include: Design files (PSDs) for home page and second tier pages
 Coded prototype (HTML, CSS)
 The beginnings of template creation in Kentico
 Revisions to what we started are completely acceptable. We are open to anything that will simplify and streamline the process so we can get the site built efficiently on the Kentico platform and live as quickly as possible.

Projected Kentico Task List: Evaluate progress to date (i.e. quick review on where we left off in template creation). Determine best practices for building/finalizing templates going forward. Again, we are open to any necessary revisions to the templates we started.
 Add web parts to templates
◦ Primary Navigation
◦ Sub Navigation (within sidebar)
◦ Footer Navigation
◦ Dynamic content blocks (homepage, sidebar/s)
◦ Blog integration
◦ Social sharing integration
 Web part customization
◦ Sub-navigation would ideally be dynamically displayed depending on where a user is within the site hierarchy (i.e. Jquery accordion to expand/collapse content). We are not sure if this can be done with an existing web part, or if we need something custom. We are open to best practices here.
 Content Slider/Banner for homepage:
◦ Preferably a Jquery slider that can scroll through content within the CMS so a site administrator could easily access and edit each slide. Each slide would consist of an image, text, and a link, with navigation from one slide to another. We'd like full control over the content, so it should not automatically feed from some other part of the site.

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steve-cardiffcreative - 7/25/2011 7:29:03 PM
RE:Kentico Project Completion Help
Please contact me to discuss your project. We are a Certified Kentico Solution Partner with 8 implementations completed.
Please visit our partner page at and our website at Cardiff Creative to view our portfolio and services.