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Member - 11/16/2007 12:46:49 AM
webparts in aspx templates

Does anyone know where i can find a simple example of a aspx page template with a webpart zone correctly defined ?

There seems to be a big gap in the documentation regarding webparts and aspx page templates.

when i add the webpart tag as below i get the following error
<cc2:CMSWebPartZone ID="zoneTop" runat="server" />

gives error 'Parent CMSPagePlaceholder not found.'

thanks in advance

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Kentico Developer
Kentico Developer
kentico_martind - 11/20/2007 2:42:18 PM
RE:webparts in aspx templates
Hi Mark,

I just want to forward here the message I have sent you by e-mail for other visitors:

It is not possible to add web part zone and web parts to page in CMSDesk if it uses ASPX template. This is possible only if page is based on Portal Engine. ASPX templates are supposed and intended to be developed in Visual Studio. You can combine ASPX templates and Portal Engine pages on one site but each page must be based either on Portal Engine or ASPX Template, not on both. I.E. if you want allow some user to add web parts on the page in CMSDesk it is necessary to create this page on Portal Engine. You can find some example of aspx master template in ~\CMSTemplates\CorporateSiteASPX\MainMenu.master
You can also find some general information about development models at and in related topics.