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Member - 8/7/2007 9:43:34 PM
Beginner questions: Any help appreciated
I'll disclaim at the outset that I have negligible experience with .NET. With that said, though, I still have to implement Kentico for someone, and while I've gotten the hang of a bit of it, I still have one rather large stumbling block:

I need to open my Kentico installation in Visual Studio to build a custom Web Part. (as an aside, anyone who has tips about that portion, please feel free to reply) However, when I try to open the WebProject.sln file that is from my installation of Kentico, I get the following error:

"The application for project 'K:\KenticoCMS' is not installed. Make sure the application for the project type () is installed."

If anyone knows how I address this, PLEASE let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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kentico_vitaja - 8/8/2007 11:23:52 AM
RE:Beginner questions: Any help appreciated
your issue is related to your Visual Studio currently installed.

Please see for information about this issue.
Please see for system requirements for Kentico CMS

Best Regards,
Vita Janecek