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redactuk - 5/9/2007 2:42:21 PM
Transformation changes in latest version?
In version 1.x when you clicked on for example a news item the preview display appeared in the area in the template where the repeater control was and left all other parts of the template in place.

Example: Two column layout in template (done with divs) with news repeater in left column and a menu in right column. When news items selected the news content was displayed in left column but menu still displayed in right column.

Now with v2.x when previewing news, using above as example, the new content is displayed but my right column dissapears along with any other controls on the template. Is there some new property I'm not aware of the controls this?

Urgent help appreciated.


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Kentico Support
Kentico Support - 5/11/2007 10:41:58 AM
RE:Transformation changes in latest version?
The problem you described can be caused due to the inheritance the templates layout.
When you create a new template (2 columns) and put into it a repeater which uses news items from another path, then this items inherit the layout from their parent. You have now two options:

1. Save the 2 columns template as a new template Edit->Properties->Template -> Save as a new template. After the saving go to the news items which are placed under another parent and go to Edit->Properties->Template -> Select tepmlate and select the freshly saved template and click to inherit. Please do not forget to set the right path in your news repeater in the 2 column template to the another parent, where the items are placed. For example your template name is TwoCols and the news items are placed under Items template, so the content path in the repeater should by like /Items/%.

2. You can place all your news items under the 2 columns template, they should automaticly inherit the templates layout, but please make sure that it happens (Edit->Properties->Template). Maybe there can by string like "ad-hoc some numbers and characters", so please go to the end a make sure that there is "(inherited)", if no, you will also see a link to inherite below.