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Aamir Iqbal - 3/2/2011 6:31:47 PM
Can you please explain how document type works ?
Hi guys,

I am .net developer but very new to Kentico. I am well aware of master pages, web parts and web user contol concepts. I gone through with the documentation provided by Kentico and found that how master pages , web zones and web parts working.

I am trying to create a sample site, which have a top menu, left menu etc .

I have created a master page having webzone in it, added web part 'CSS menu list'. I have created a 'document type' and added the document type name in 'css menu list' properties.

In document type, i have created a table and transformation. (let me tell you, there are 4 transformation in that document type), i don't know which transformation will be used while this document type called my webpart.

Still it is not showing the menu for me on my master page ???? I have spent hell of time to figure it out, what is the problem .... can some body please help me ?


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Kentico Consulting
Kentico Consulting
kentico_mirekr - 3/17/2011 2:44:36 AM
RE:Can you please explain how document type works ?

Could you please explain us here what exactly do you mean by "while this document type called my webpart"? When using CSS List menu web part, this web part renders the same type of HTML code for each of the menu items, regardless of items document type, so none of the transformations is used:

However, what you can do is to style the menu according your needs:

If your menu web part is not displayed any data, then please check following web part properties:

Path: (if you would use /% expression here, web part will display all of the documents from your content tree of type specified in "Document types" property)
Document types: (please make sure that your custom document type is specified here as well as all document types of documents that are in path)
Select only published: (you can set it to false in your case)
Show for document types: Empty

At this point the web part should show at least some data (menu items).

Best regards,
Miro Remias.