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marie - 4/17/2007 8:33:07 PM
DataPager Help

I currently have a datalist control on a web page; it is only showing 6 items at a time so therefore I want to use the pager. Well, do to the customers request the format of the pager needs to be changed.

I can set some properties in the code tab of the datalist just fine, but others like the properties I found here:
Kentico CMS Web Parts and Controls - v2.1/CMS Controls/Datapager
I can't set!

Here is what I have in my code behind tab:
(inside script tags)
public override void OnContentLoaded()
this.SetValue("EnablePaging", "True");
this.SetValue("PageSize", 2);
this.SetValue("ShowFirstLast", "False");
this.SetValue("ResultsFormat", "Viewing {0}-{1} (of {2})");

It sets the EnablePaging, PageSize, and ShowFirstLast properties but it will no set the ResultsFormat property.

Please any help is greatly appreciated.