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kadirselcuk@hotmail.com - 4/6/2007 12:24:24 PM
Header of webpart in different languages
Hi everyone,

I have a problem using different languages.

I have a header for my webpart(editable text) and I have a property of it under HTML Envelope called Web Part Container title. I create it for the first language and call it for example : "Title1". And then I create the document for language 2 , and as i have the Web Part Container Title as "Title 2" I see that the title for the first language is "Title 2". Then I switch to Language 1 and set title back to "Title 1" and I see that Language 2 title is "Title 1". I couldn't find a way to solve this problem and I'd appreciate any help.



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thinton99 - 4/8/2007 4:37:34 AM
RE:Header of webpart in different languages
I have a site with multi-languages and I have only seen this with a static text area that is set in the designer, so it is templated based. That would be the same for all sites, but not an editable text region. That usually is fine with multi-languages on a single site.

So my thought is that if you are setting the title in the web part properties, that is changing the template, therefore changing the template for all languages.

You might create a separate template or just make the title as part of the editable text region.