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calcat - 3/30/2007 10:34:02 PM
bizform email failure

I have a couple of issues with a bizform I created. If I only have it redirect to a url on submit things work fine. However, if I check the send email box and put in my 'to' and 'from' addresses, I get an error on submit that says:
An error occurred when saving data: Failure sending mail.

The data goes into the table, but the email is not sent and the form does not re-direct. Everything looks good on the server as far as valid email addresses, etc.

Secondly, once I check the box for email, if I go in and edit the bizform and remove the check as well as the 'to' and 'from' email addresses and save the form the page looks fine. On submit I still get the email error and when I go back to the form the email information is still there.

To get rid of the email problem I am having to delete the original form and create a new one without email addresses.

Please help!

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KellyCS - 3/31/2007 10:07:24 AM
RE:bizform email failure

I had the same problem first time I configured a bizform to send email. I got the error re failure sending email, though the re-direct worked, and the form data was saved (I could see the data in Bizforms | <form-name> | Data tab).

After some research, my problem was related to Relay restrictions within the SMTP service of Internet Information Services (IIS). This problem arose on my development PC, not on a live server (as I haven’t got that far yet - maybe the next few days). I’m running the site locally on IIS (a Windows service), so the run the site I enter http://localhost/ in the browser. You may be using a different arrangement.

To solve the problem:
Open the IIS manager (via Control Panel | Administrative Tools).
In IIS manager, expand <computer-name> (local computer) in the left-hand pane.
You should now see Default SMTP Virtual Server.
Right-click on it, and select Properties.
In the Properties window, click the Access tab. Click the Relay button. In the Relay Restrictions window, I have the option ‘Only the list below’ selected. To add ‘localhost’ (IP address to the list, click Add, select Single Computer, enter, then click OK. In the list, you should now see access is granted to localhost. The option ‘Only the list below’ should be selected. Click OK, and OK again.

I don’t recall if I had to re-boot, but now the SMTP service successfully processed email messages from my Kentico site. (I’m still using my own email address for testing, so I get near immediate feedback.)

The second part of your email describes another problem. I sugest you return to your original settings, then try to fix the original problem first, as described above.

Hope this helps you,


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Calcat - 4/2/2007 6:26:01 PM
RE:bizform email failure
Thank you James.

We are having this email problem on both the development server and the live server. The administrator assures me that the IIS settings on both servers is as you describe and we do have a number of email forms (not bizforms) running successfully from both sites.

I guess there must be something else wrong. :-(

Thanks again for the input - we did check it out!