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michael@110studios.com - 1/18/2008 12:51:59 AM
Binding non-documents to calendar

When using the calendar web part, I see that I can select the content that shows up on the calendar by setting the "path" and "day field" properties.

Can I select more than one path? For example "~/news/%" and "~/events/%"?

If so, how do I list the distinct "day fields" from each of the paths (presuming they may be different)?

Furthermore, can I use data from a table that is not in the document tree hierarchy? I am thinking of adding some custom modules that would create data in various database tables, and some data would be relevant for inclusion on a calendar.

In general, I do not want to have to create multiple calendars for all the different types of content I may have.

Perhaps I need to write my own calendar web part that interfaces with the CMS.Calendar class?