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gvspm - 10/26/2006 5:22:48 PM
MultiLingual with URL like
i want to reflect the language of a page in the url.

My intention is to build my site as much search engine friendly as possible, and so i dont want to use querystring parameters at all and i dont want to use subdomains or domains as this would split the weight of my site to different domains.

Ex. desidered: or

instead of using a parameter like: or

I tried to use the UrlRewritingNet from to do a rewrite before the internal Kentico rewrite.

This works, but it breaks the request paths: gets rewritten to<b><i>EN</i></b>/home.aspx?lang=en

Any input or help is highly appreciated.

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admin - 10/31/2006 1:56:37 PM
Re: MultiLingual with URL like
Unfortunately, this option is not directly supported.

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ralph - 4/9/2008 5:37:23 PM
RE:Re: MultiLingual with URL like
My questions goes in a different direction:

Is it possible to have a page called

home.aspx in the English culture and the french equivalent called accueil.aspx?

In other words, would home.aspx?lang=fr-Ca the only alternative or is the another option?

Especially if you want to create landing pages that you print on some off-line advertising it would be nice to have this option, like: