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byron-falcon-software - 8/21/2009 11:35:28 AM
Excluding Document from Site Search - Syntax
I realize that this exists: Site Manager -> Settings -> Website

Exclude documents from search

The help says this:
Specifies site sections that should be excluded from search. You can specify several site sections or particular documents, separated with semicolon (;). You can use wildcard character %.

However, I am trying to exclude several folders in Kentico and when I add these names as instructed, they do not dissappear from the search resuts.

Maybe the provided Webpart for search ignores that, but I also have no idea how the syntax works based on the help.

To exlude a directory, do I do this: /directory or /directory/%
... or both if I don't want the folder to show either.

I have tried this and it doesn't work.

Also, if a directory has a space in the name, do I use the aliased version with a dash or the space or a wildcard?

Maybe I need to restart IIS or the website or the app pool?

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Kentico Developer
Kentico Developer
kentico_ondrejv - 8/24/2009 8:11:49 AM
RE:Excluding Document from Site Search - Syntax

Well, in general, it should work. The paths you've specified work fine for me. Could you please ensure that you have chosen appropriate site within: Site Manager -> Settings -> Dropdown list on upper left hand side? I believe this could be related to your issue.

Whether you would like to exclude documents with space you need to use Alias Path of the document.

Best regards
Ondrej Vasil