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CDK - 1/30/2006 12:23:49 AM
which license?

just would like to know

if i would like to customize your software (for 1 website)
do i need the source code? or is it like many other cms
where i could customize everything using a template of sort?


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admin - 1/30/2006 8:13:17 PM
Re: which license?

Thank you for your question. You can actually create most web sites without having the full source code. Kentico CMS uses page templates, which are standard ASPX pages that you can edit in Visual Studio.NET 2003 or 2005 and even enhance with your code.

With all licenses (including the trial license), you get the source code of the web site and of the administration interface.

The full source code option is intended for customers who want to have the source code of all libraries, including the core components.

Please let me know if you need any additional details.

Best Regards,