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ExcludedSystemEnum Enumeration
Enumeration for excluded pages by the system.

Namespace: CMS.Helpers
Assembly: CMS.Helpers (in CMS.Helpers.dll) Version: 9.0.0
public enum ExcludedSystemEnum
  Member nameValueDescription
Unknown-1 Unknown excluded status.
NotExcluded0 Not excluded.
Excluded1 Excluded page - Not specific.
Administration2 Administration page.
GetFileHandler3 Request is processed by CMS handlers (GetAttachmentHandler, GetMetafileHandler, GetMediaHandler etc.)
PortalTemplate4 Portal template page.
LogonPage5 Logon page.
CMSDialog8 CMS dialog (requires authentication).
PhysicalFile9 Physical file.
WebDAV10 WebDAV request.
GetResource11 GetResource.ashx request
AppThemes12 App_Themes folder
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