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CMS.Tests Namespace
Public classAppStateReset
Provides support for reset of application state
Public classAppStateResetFieldState
Container for holding the specific field state
Public classAutomatedTests
Base class for advanced tests
Public classAutomatedTestsWithConnString
Base class for tests that use connection string from config file
Public classAutomatedTestsWithData
Base class for automated tests with data support
Public classBenchmark
Benchmark class
Public classBenchmarkResult
Benchmark result class
Public classCategory
Class containing specific category attributes
Public classCategoryIntegrationAttribute
Integration test category
Public classCategoryIsolatedIntegrationAttribute
Isolated integration test category
Public classCategoryJavaScriptAttribute
Java script test category
Public classCategoryLongRunningAttribute
Long-running test category
Public classCategoryUITestsAttribute
UI test category
Public classCategoryUnitAttribute
Unit test category
Public classCMSAssert
Custom assertions
Public classCreateDatabaseBeforeTestsAttribute

Indicates that database for isolated integration tests is created prior to executing any of the tests in the class.

This database can be filled with custom objects during 'TestFixtrueSetup' / 'ClassInitialize'.

Each test uses copy of this database.

Public classExtraDatabaseAttribute
Provides an extra database within the given test The extra database can be use by a block of code using method ExecuteWithExtraDatabase You can alternatively use method EnsureExtraDatabase(String) to initialize an extra database on-the-fly
Public classFakeClassStructureInfo
Class structure info for testing purposes
Public classFakeClassStructureInfoT
Class structure info for testing purposes
Public classFakeEventLogProvider
Fake event log provider for tests. By default reports logged errors as failed test, logs warnings to output, and ignores information.
Public classFakeMethods
Class providing methods for faking the data
Public classFakeStorageProvider
Testing IO storage provider. Usage example: [Test] public void SampleTestMethod() { TestStorageProvider provider = TestStorageProvider.GetMappedProvider(); provider.FileObject.ReadAllText("path").ReturnsForAnyArgs("text"); string result = CMS.IO.File.ReadAllText("path"); Assert.AreEqual("text", result); }
Public classIntegrationTests
Base class for integration tests
Public classIsolatedIntegrationTests
Allows integration tests to run in isolation as for each test a clean database with current schema and default objects is created.
Public classJSONConstraint
Constraint that compares two JSON sources with each other.
Public classRelatedBugAttribute
Indicates that test was created due to bug fix.
Public classSharedDatabaseForAllTestsAttribute
Indicates that database is shared for all isolated integration tests that are in same class. (ie. Database is created before first test run and it is deleted after last test run)
Public classTestExtender
Base class for test extenders
Public classTestExtenderTParentTest
Generic base class for test extender
Public classTestsConfig
Shared tests configuration
Public classUnitTestExtensions
Extension methods for tests
Public classUnitTests
Base class for integration tests
Public classWebAppInstanceTests
Base class for integration tests that require running web app instance.
Public interfaceIFake
Interface for the fakes