Kentico CMS 7.0 E-commerce Guide

E-commerce features

E-commerce features

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E-commerce features

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The E-commerce solution allows your on-line store customers purchasing via the integrated shopping cart, checking the status of their orders, subscribing to newsletters, etc.


Site owners are given tools for managing orders, shipping and payment options, product or manufacturer lists and much more.


Among the features offered by the E-commerce solution you can find:


Departments - allows to manage departments to organize the products and services that you offer in your on-line store.

Products - allows to manage products and services offered in your on-line store.

Product options - allows to manage options added to the offered products and services.

Product image galleries - allows to create galleries of the offered articles. For example, you can present your customers with featured images of a given article.

Product categories - allows to sort products based on topic-related groups.

Multilingual products - allows to offer products in multiple language versions.

Product workflow - allows to set up a reviewing and approval process to ensure quality of content and design.

Multiple currencies and exchange rates - allows your on-line store customers to make orders in currencies different from the main currency.

Configurable tax calculation based on country and state

Discounts - in Kentico CMS you can grant your on-line store customers the following types of discount:

Discount coupons

Discount levels

Volume discounts

Customers - allows to manage customers who purchase the products offered in your on-line store.

Orders - allows to manage orders of the offered products.

Site-specific and global data - the concept allows you to use both site-specific objects available on the respective sites only and global objects shared across all your sites.

Reports and statistics - the feature allows to view reports and statistics related to your on-line store.

Custom providers for alternative shipping and tax calculations.

Custom checkout process - allows to customize the checkout process.

Built-in payment gateways such as PayPal and Authorize.NET are supported.

Custom payment gateways support allows to integrate your own payment gateways.

Mobile device support


From this topic you can also navigate to an introductory chapter focused on gaining your first experience with the E-commerce solution and to general chapters dedicated to your on-line store:


Configuration - learn how to set up your on-line store and perform all necessary configurations to start your e-business.

Management - learn how to manage E-commerce solution objects.

Security - the section describes the security features of the E-commerce solution.

Customization - outlines the possibilities of E-commerce solution features customization.