Wrap up: Ask the experts – A Kentico CMS Virtual Panel #4

I had a lot of fun and hope everyone that joined did as well! As always the experts were fantastic and it looks like they enjoyed themselves. Thanks to everyone on Twitter and those who submitted questions ahead of time! Stay tuned for our next ask the experts!
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  1. What are the best practices to follow before going live? View
  2. So why would I use Windows Azure over the Amazon cloud? Any benefits you would see with Kentico? View
  3. Sorry this is a rather broad question but one, we are struggling with. What best practices would you recommend for looking at performance issues with Kentico? View
  4. We are struggling to use agile techniques with our Kentico development. Any recommendations? View
  5. We are looking at building some custom modules for our Kentico installation. Any best practices or recommendations? View
  6. What best practices are there for creating a new document type versus extending or inheriting one? View
  7. When it is recommended to use the content tree versus a medial library? View
  8. We need to customize the shopping cart within e-commerce. Any best practice recommendations? View
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