Wrap up: Ask the experts – A Kentico CMS Virtual Panel #2

Ok, so I had a lot of fun and hope everyone that joined did as well! As always the experts were fantastic and it looks like they enjoyed themselves. Thanks to everyone on Twitter that asked some great questions. Stay tuned for our next ask the experts!
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  1. What are some best practices for organizing your custom code?  View
  2. We are getting ready to upgrade our V6 site to V7. Any concerns or specific recommendations you would make? View
  3. What is the best way to store a video on a Kentico Site? I have seen several recommendations and not sure I know what the best way is? View
  4. What are some common mistakes that you see on Kentico CMS projects? View
  5. When is the Twitter web part going to be updated? View
  6. What are suggestions on creating document creation speed using the API? View
  7. What is the best method to automate a purge of documents from a folder in the CMS tree based on a specific date? View
  8. What are some of your content staging best practices?  View
  9. Any good advice on version control with Kentico? View
  10. What are the best practices for using the Integration bus? Any experience on a project using it? View
  11. We are just starting on a new Kentico site using Responsive Design. Are there any best practices you would recommend? View
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