What’s New in Kentico Marketplace?


Let's take a look at the latest additions to the Kentico Marketplace!

Twilio Send SMS Module

BlueModus, a Kentico Gold Partner from the USA, has recently submitted their Twilio Send SMS Module to our Marketplace. After installing this module, a new custom automation action will be available in the Marketing automation application. The new action can be used in the automation process to automatically send out text messages (SMSs) to contacts within the process. It leverages Twilio, a cloud communications platform for building SMS, Voice & Messaging applications. For more info about Twilio, please visit Twillio's pages. For a free download of the Twillio Send SMS Module, visit our Marketplace.

Country Selector - Select Top Country

Another new addition to our Marketplace is the Country selector by 4Hilton, a Kentico Gold Partner from the USA. It extends the standard Kentico country selector with an option to specify which country will be displayed at the top of the drop-down list. All the other countries will follow in the alphabetical order. The form control is available free of charge in Kentico Marketplace.

Icon Class Selector

Icon Class Selector by EXLRT, a Kentico Bronze Partner from the Netherlands, is an extension which allows developers to pick icons for Kentico objects (e.g., Page types or Page templates) more easily through an integrated user interface. Currently, it supports Bootstrap icons that come with each Kentico installation. For more information or a free download, visit our Marketplace.

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