What’s the minimum amount of emails your customers expect?

How often do you struggle with sending to many emails to customers? Why not change the question – What’s the minimum amount of emails your customers expect? Customers are far from tolerant of anything that appears as spam. Fall into that category and you may lose the customer forever! Here are my three basic emails you SHOULD send your customers.
1. The “Thank you” email
Isn’t it common courtesy to thank customers for their patronage and business? Sending an appropriate thank you email anytime a customer provides business is mandatory. This email should go out at the appropriate time in the sales cycle, be consistent, and provide a place for feedback.

2. Weekly/Monthly newsletter
Making any company more personal and transparent is essential. A regular newsletter is an excellent way to achieve this. Using content from your website or partner’s sites is an excellent way to relieve the content burden.  Focus on new and important things that matter the most to your readers.

3. Special discounts/Promotions email
Everybody loves a great deal! Companies can always increase their engaged audience by throwing out a great targeted promotion every so often. Targeting former customers, or cross selling current customers is often a great way to drive up your business and help save your customers money.
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Thomas Robbins

I spend my time working with partners and customers extending their marketing and technology to the fullest.