What’s New in the Kentico Marketplace?


A lot of new items have been published in the Kentico Marketplace recently—let’s take a look at what we have!

MB Way Integration with Kentico

Would you like to integrate the Portuguese payment gateway provider MB WAY with your Kentico site? The new module by PMC-Digital, a Kentico Gold Partner from Portugal, makes it possible. With this module, you will be able to accept online payments with just the mobile number of MB WAY customers as well as process returns and cancellations directly from the Admin Interface. For the full list of features, please visit our Marketplace.

Icon Selector

Another new addition to our Marketplace is the Icon Selector Form Control by NetConstruct, a Kentico Gold Partner from the United Kingdom. It's a generic icon selector that will allow content editors to choose from a series of scalable vector icons. The form control uses Fontawesome icons by default but can be extended to use other sources. Download the form control free from our Marketplace.

HTML5 Input

With the new HTML5 Input Form Control by Predictes, a Kentico Gold Partner from Poland, you will be able to set the type of the <input> HTML element easily to any possible values, including the new HTML5 input types (e.g., email, search, etc.). The form control also offers an option to add custom attributes to the <input> element or change the CSS class of the parent <div> element. For more info or a free download, please visit our Marketplace.

File Upload with Size Limit

Have you ever wanted to limit the size of files uploaded into Kentico online forms or page types without the need for a custom global event handler or specifying values in the web.config file? Now you can with the new File Upload with Size Limit form control by Kehren Development, a Kentico Gold Partner from the US. In addition to the maximum file size, you can also define a custom info message that will be displayed if a user uploads a file larger than the specified size. The form control is available free in our Marketplace.

Disable Preview Mode on Live Site

As the name suggest, this new web part by Wakefly, a Kentico Gold Partner from the US, was built to disable preview mode on the live site. This ensures that logged-in editors will be able to see their unpublished changes made in the Pages application directly on the live site even if they are viewing the changes in another window of the same browser. For a free download of this web part, please visit our Marketplace.

Kentico 9 Pre-upgrade Abandoned Code Detector

Wakefly is also the author of another new addition to our Marketplace—a set of SQL scripts that will allow you to get a list of all pages and templates containing web parts and widgets abandoned in Kentico 9 before applying the upgrade to version 9. These scripts are also available free in our Marketplace.

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