What’s New In the Kentico Marketplace?


In March, four new items were published in the Kentico Marketplace. Let's have a look at them!

Kentico Request Filtering Module

The Kentico Request Filtering module was developed by Get Started, a Kentico Gold Partner from Australia. This module allows you to block unwanted HTTP requests on your site before Kentico processes them. Rules can be configured directly in the administration interface and can be based on exact URL, regex pattern, IP address, user agent or HTTP referrer.

Module preview

For more info or a free download, please visit Get Started's blog or Kentico Marketplace.

Dianoga Image Optimizer

With the Dianoga Image Optimizer by ClearPeople, a Kentico Gold Partner from the United Kingdom, you can reduce the size of files uploaded into Kentico Media Library by 8-40%, completely automatically. When the image is uploaded, Dianoga runs jpegtran or PngOptimizer on the image data immediately just before it is saved in the Media Library. Dianoga will also remove the EXIF data and other nonessential metadata. All of the optimizations are lossless, so you lose no image quality.

Dianoga Image Optimizer is offered for free, as a NuGet package in the NuGet Gallery. For more information, please visit our Marketplace or GitHub.

Sortable Multiple Object Selector

Another new addition to our Marketplace is the Sortable Multiple Object Selector by Richard Sustek, a Solution Architect at Kentico. This form control enables you to sort items dynamically using a simple drag and drop functionality.

User selection preview

For more info or a free download, please visit the Kentico Marketplace.

Multiple Query Selector with Search

Multiple Query Selector with Search form control, which was also developed by Richard Sustek, will enable you to select multiple items from a dropdown list initialized via a custom SQL query. You can leverage the dynamic search to help you find items you need. In the form control’s properties, it is also possible to limit the number of items that can be selected.

Form control preview

Download the form control for free from our Marketplace.

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