What’s New in the Kentico Marketplace?


Let's have a look at the latest free additions in the Kentico Marketplace!

CyberSource Payment Gateway

Would you like to integrate the CyberSource online credit card payment gateway into your Kentico e-commerce site? The CyberSource Payment Gateway module by Golden Communications, a Kentico Gold Partner from California, makes it possible. The module is easy to set up and configure via Kentico settings. For more information or a free download, please visit our Marketplace.

Infinite Scroll/Lazy Load Repeater

The Infinite Scroll/Lazy Load Repeater by iMedia, a Kentico Gold Partner from New Jersey, has all the standard Kentico repeater functionality and also provides the option to use either infinite scroll or lazy loading when viewing the data. For more info and instructions on how to use the web part, please take a look at the author's blog post. The web part is also available in our Marketplace.

Custom 301 Redirect Module

Put the URL redirects in the hands of the CMS administrators and the SEO specialists with the new Custom 301 Redirect Module by thunder::tech, a Kentico Gold Partner from Ohio. This module allows them to manage the 301 and 200 redirects directly within Kentico instead of enlisting help from developers to configure IIS. The module also includes the possibility to import rules from an Excel file and to specify paths that will be excluded from the redirection. Download the module for free from our Marketplace.

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Also, take a look at other new items in our Marketplace:

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