What’s New in the Kentico Marketplace?


There are many new and interesting items that can be found in our Marketplace. Let's take a look at them, you may find something you were just looking for!

E-commerce Performance Dashboard

Kentico E-commerce Performance Dashboard by Aspect MASTERS, a Kentico Gold Partner from the Czech Republic, is a special tool created for small and medium businesses that are seeking the most efficient way to handle the dispatch and invoice process in Kentico. It provides a set of reports that can be customized for any type of business. The layout is optimized so the whole dispatch process can be handled by any person without big IT skills through one-click actions.

For more information or to purchase this module, please visit the product's page.

Kentico Admin Mobile App

Another great addition to our Marketplace is the Kentico Admin Mobile App by Pure Solutions, a Kentico Silver Partner from Australia. It allows you to perform basic Kentico administration and monitoring using the convenience of a mobile application. With this mobile application, you can look at system information, restart an application, start and stop your websites, view the event log, and much more.

For more information please visit our Marketplace and the product’s page.

Tracking Code Module

The Tracking Code module by Sprinx Systems, a Kentico Gold Partner from the Czech Republic, provides the possibility to add tracking codes (e.g. Google Analytics Tracking Code) easily to any page and allows you to manage all tracking codes from one place. Code can be entered into the HTML head section or into the top or bottom of the body section.


For more information or a free download, please visit our Marketplace.

Bootstrap 3 Collapse and Accordion Layout Web Parts

Collapsible panels are widely used on websites to manage (show/hide) the large amount of content. With the new Bootstrap-based layout web parts, created by Wakefly, a Kentico Gold Partner from the USA, you can create either accordion or simple collapsible panels in your Kentico website without writing any JavaScript code. Both web parts are very easy to use. They generate the appropriate number of web part zones, which can be filled with any Kentico web parts, and each web part zone can then be collapsed/expanded by clicking on the header text specified in the web part properties.

Download the Bootstrap 3 Collapse Layout web part and the Bootstrap 3 Accordion Layout web part for free from our Marketplace!

Read More Panel

If you want to allow users to show and hide a large amount of text, you can also utilize the new Read More Panel web part by i3 Digital, a Kentico Gold Partner from the United Kingdom. Multiple panels can be placed on a page and opened at once.

The Read More Panel web part is available for free in Kentico Marketplace.

Social Media Meta Tags

The Social Media Meta Tags web part by Simply Zesty, a Kentico Gold Partner from Ireland, automatically generates Twitter Card tags, Open Graph tags, and general schema.org micro-data based on the existing document data and current page type. It works out of the box for the Page (menu item), Blog Post, News and Event page types, and can easily be extended for any custom page type. Simply drop onto the master page and it does the rest.

For more information or a free download, please visit our Marketplace.

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