What’s New in the Kentico Marketplace?


A lot of new items were submitted to our Marketplace at the turn of 2016 and 2017. Let's have look at some of them in more detail.

Pods Widget Template

Save time during site implementation with the Pods Widget Template by Squareball Digital, a Kentico Gold Partner from the United Kingdom. This template was built using reusable widgets and can be easily customized by site editors. It's better to see once than read a hundred times so check out the live demo at http://pods.sbwebapps.co/.

For more information or a free download, please visit the Kentico Marketplace.

MailChimp Subscribe and Unsubscribe

MailChimp is an email marketing service that provides an easy way to send email newsletters, manage subscriber lists, and track campaign performance. If you would like to allow your site users to subscribe to or unsubscribe from a MailChimp mailing list, you can utilize the new web parts by Strata3, a Kentico Gold Partner from Ireland.

The MailChimp Subscribe and Unsubscribe web parts are also available for free in our Marketplace.


With the new ImportCSV module by pixelbuilders, a Kentico Gold Partner from the United Kingdom, you will be able to easily create custom table items or pages of any page type from a comma separated CSV file. Just upload the CSV file, map the file columns to the custom table or page type fields and finish the import.

The module also contains a "test mode" feature which allows you to simulate the import process to check the validity of the data before making changes to the database.

For the full list of features or a free download, please visit the Kentico Marketplace.

Advanced Category Selector

Another new addition to our Marketplace is the Advanced Category Selector by Heartland Business Systems, a Kentico Gold Partner from the USA.  This form control provides two user-friendly interfaces for assigning categories to a page — a searchable list and a structured tree. It also offers the possibility to save the relationship between categories and pages into a separated table (custom table or class).

For more info or a free download, please visit the Kentico Marketplace.

Custom module licensing

The Custom module licensing tool allows you to implement licensing for your custom Kentico modules. It provides a license management application for the Kentico administration interface and an API for working with licenses in the code of custom modules.

This functionality is already a native part of Kentico 10. If you would like to use it also in Kentico 9, download this package from the Kentico Marketplace.

And more...

Also, take a look at other new items in our Marketplace:

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