What’s New in Kentico Marketplace?


Let's take a look at the latest additions to the Kentico Marketplace!

Calendario Responsive Event Calendar

As the name suggests, the new web part by strata3, a Kentico Gold Partner from Ireland, allows you to easily add a responsive event calendar to a page. With this flexible calendar, a standard grid-based layout will be used on large screens, while on smaller screens it will be reduced to the list view.


The CSS provided within the web part package was designed for the Kentico Dancing Goat sample site but can easily be modified to fit any site design.

For more information and a free download, visit our Marketplace.

Image Cropping

The Image Cropping module by Ray Business Technologies, a Kentico Gold Partner from India, provides an easy interface for cropping images based on the predefined image dimensions. The cropped images can be then uploaded either into a Kentico Media Library or to an Azure storage location.

The Image Cropping module is also available free of charge in our Marketplace.

Digital Asset Management

The Digital Asset Management module, also developed by Ray Business Technologies, allows users to manage digital assets (documents, images, videos…) within Kentico. Specifically, it allows users to organize the assets into categories, provide some metadata for each asset, preview it, add comments, or move the asset to another workflow step.

If interested, download the Digital Asset Management module from our Marketplace.

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