What’s New in the Kentico Marketplace?

There are many new and interesting items that can be found in our Marketplace. Let's take a look at them, you may find something you've been looking for!

Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe is a developer-friendly way of accepting payments online and through mobile apps. Would you like to integrate their payment gateway into your Kentico site? The Stripe Payment Gateway package by Get Started, a Kentico Gold Partner from Australia, makes it possible. It also includes the ability to run the gateway in live-site or test mode. For more information or a free download, please visit our Marketplace.

eWay Payment Gateway (Rapid API 3.1)

Get Started is also the author of another payment gateway integration in our Marketplace. It's an eWay payment gateway using eWay's Rapid 3.1 API for direct payments, including support for client-side encryption, and live/test modes, all configurable via Kentico settings. This payment gateway integration is also available for free in the Kentico Marketplace.

Calendar with Data Source

Dan Walker from BizStream, a Kentico Gold Partner from the USA, recently developed and submitted a Calendar with Data Source web part. The web part can read dates from any data source web part and display them in a calendar. It's also available for free in the Kentico Marketplace.

Sitemap Generator

With the Sitemap Generator tool, you will be able to easily create a page tree according to a list defined in an Excel file. It was developed by Synechron, a Kentico Partner from India. The tool currently supports three-level page sctructure. A sample Excel file is included in the download package, which is available for free in the Kentico Marketplace.

Read Excel to Custom Table

Another new addition to our Marketplace is the Read Excel to Custom Table web part, which was also developed by Synechron. This web part allows users to upload data from Excel to a Kentico custom table. Download the web part from the Kentico Marketplace.

Simply Comments

The Simply Comments web part by Falcon-Software, a Kentico Gold Partner from Canada, allows you to store comments in a custom table, meaning you can enable comments on a site whose license doesn't support them, simply by adding a custom table that does. Comments can be moderated and moderators notified via email. To download the web part, please visit our Marketplace.
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